A downloadable game for Windows

Life is good; you're a young, energetic prodigy of many talents and vocations. The only issue is... you have too many trophies! Way too many! Make room on your shelf to showcase your absolute brilliance!

Made in 72 Hours for Ludum Dare 42. 

(its like 5 minutes long try it out)

Additional Help

Trophy Art/Character Art: Kokoronis

Trophy Art/Music: Skeletondoggy

Trophy Art/Planning: Minatums

Install instructions

Pick the version that matches your computer's operating system and run the executable.


Shelf Life - Windows (64-bit) 70 MB
Shelf Life - Windows (32-bit) 67 MB


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Could you link this to the LD rating page so I can rate it? I spotted this game through itch but I can't search for it on the ldjam site.

Added !

Love it!


A game that's as goofy and fun as it is challenging! Definitely doesn't overstay its welcome or try  to cram as much playtime  as jam games sometimes do! Love it!


A very emotional game that while being very simple and intuitive in its mechanics, has a very high skill ceiling and is engaging from hour-one to hour-twenty. 

It's ok.

Thank You

Truly this was an experience. An excellent experience.